In order to deepen the friendship between the visitors of my blog or website

I am selling it yourself design smartphone cover, mug, such as a T-shirt.

I, also sells the work which was modeling in 3D printers.

I will create a web site.

I am making a web site mainly in word press.

I am a creative activity while working in the warehouse.

With confidence to be able to act, we need a capital.

Please support bought my token.

I am in need of working capital of my work.

Once we bought this coin, it will pay the dividend from my profits in the future.

Number of payments and timing, amount, is undecided.

But, the person who is rooting for my activities, will surely thank you.


This token is a valuable tokens that are not only issued 3000.

I work sales site that can be shipped to foreign countries 

My 3D work